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Movies i've seen lately

Movies i've seen lately:

   Derailed (DVD)  - surprisingly I just loved this movie, with all the twists 

  ER (dvd) - season 1  -  i have only good words. this show just rocks, an george clooney 12 years ago was awasome

 Yours, mine and ours (DVD) - well, it's not the best but also not the worst movie. It's very light romantic comedy, to see only if you're in a romantic mood

  Sweet home Alabama (TV) - exactly the same description as the one before


Good night, and good luck (DVD) -  it's a very good movie, very intereseting, but you don't have time to eat popcorn because it requires all your attention

 Mr.& Mrs Smith (DVD) - leaving appart the thing that I don't like very much Angelina Jolie, i don't know why somebody bothered to do this movie, it has nothing 

    Wedding crashers (DVD) - it's from far one of the best comedys ever. i just loved it. it's so much fun

   The Family Stone (DVD) - this movie managed to ruin a enitre day. OMG, it's so sad, i don't wanna imagine a life like those characters in the movie. the only good thing was that Luke Wilson was in it


 One fine day (DVD) - ohhhhhh, if the movie before ruined a day this one made me smile a whole week. if you wanna see a fantastic romantic comedy this is the one. one of my favorite movies ever

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